Ruby Red and the Wolf

Ok, so I am old enough to have lived four different teen age lives! But this didn't stop me from loving Robert Wright's Ruby Red and The Wolf.

Imagine Little Red Riding Hood re imagined, but so cleverly plotted that it bears no resemblance to that old story....or does it?

What a creative plot line. I really loved the characters who were pouty and acerbic but supportively caring, or just darn mean and nasty.

This is paradoxically a mean and scary world with shape changers, a group of demonic personalities , a mixed group of super powers and lots of mystery and action. The evolution of the characters is so interesting to watch, as is their coming into their own in their super powers.

I am really excited to hear that the author has begun the next book in the series. I can't wait to find out how Ruby Red morphs into her talents....and hopefully meet her mother. (or maybe I don't want to do that after all..) - Gail