"Ruby Red and the Wolf"


"Witch Way Home"

Ok, so I am old enough to have lived four different teen age lives! But this didn't stop me from loving Robert Wright's Ruby Red and The Wolf.

Imagine Little Red Riding Hood re imagined, but so cleverly plotted that it bears no resemblance to that old story....or does it?

What a creative plot line. I really loved the characters who were pouty and acerbic but supportively caring, or just darn mean and nasty.

This is paradoxically a mean and scary world with shape changers, a group of demonic personalities , a mixed group of super powers and lots of mystery and action. The evolution of the characters is so interesting to watch, as is their coming into their own in their super powers.

I am really excited to hear that the author has begun the next book in the series. I can't wait to find out how Ruby Red morphs into her talents....and hopefully meet her mother. (or maybe I don't want to do that after all..) - Gail

"Witch Way Back"

"Walk the Stars"

What one feels is a dream or nightmare, may turn out to be all too real. For Ceri, that is exactly what happens. There is a special portal between worlds and readers are going to be able to touch other worlds, good and evil as they follow along and learn the secrets to Ceri's story. This book is part two in an amazing adventure that involves witches, dragons, ogres, angels, demons and of course a wicked queen and a princess. If you haven't read book one, I highly recommend it. Although you can pick up book two and still get a full story without reading book one, you will enjoy both. The author has a wonderful way of telling a story and readers will find themselves lost in the pages. - P.S. Winn

I think this is a great book for young adults and adults. Readers are going to love Cassie and her cousin Rose, who live in troubled times on the planet Ecstasy. Living with a horrible Uncle, Cassie has to find a way out of Ecstasy, her cousin Rose also wants to get away from the abusive man who isn't really her dad, but says he is. The two friends are headed for big adventure that will take them on a walk through the stars. Along the way they meet a lot of enemies and a few new friends who help them to find their way. The author did a great job with this book. Capturing the adventure of space, and the need to have a place to call home. Walk the Stars is a well written book that I know readers will eagerly flip through the pages of. - P.S. Winn

Cassie is a young girl with some unique special talents and when her parents are assumed dead she is forced to live with her abusive Uncle Jim and cousin Rose. Living on the planet Ecstasy that definitely does not live up to it's name was very boring but not for long. When Cassie realizes her parents are still alive and that some nasty people are looking for a certain map,she decides enough is enough. With the help of her cousin Rose, they set off on a journey to find her parents and escape to Earth. What follows is a wild ride of alien encounters, battling different aliens, ghosts and the trip of a lifetime with a ship named Emma. This is a YA novel but will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys the sci/fi genre. This is the first book I've read by Robert Wright but it won't be the last. Well done. -  Joan Macleod

This was a thoroughly delightful tale of a young girl who is pulled from her world into a fantasy land of danger and intrigue. If you love a twisty story with family feuds raging across dimensions then you won't be disappointed.

The writing is descriptive and you feel you are in the world with Ceri as she slowly unravels her growing power set against a backdrop of goblins, shifters, troll, dragons and more. Their journey takes them across lands which wouldn't look out of place in a Tolkien or Lewis novel.

I read this over a few days which means it kept me glued. I can recommend this to any fantasy lover and look forward to more from the author in the future. - Amazon Customer

If you could take the Wizard of Oz, Alice and Wonderland and Lord of the Rings and mix them all together you would get a spellbinding tale like this book. Readers follow Ceri as her and loyal teddy bear, Mr.Blue find themselves in a strange land of trolls, goblins, dragons and even a few evil sisters. I found the story delightful for all ages but can see it will be especially appealing to young adults. The author did a great job telling a story that will take readers on a great journey. Pick this one up, you'll be glad you did. - P.S. Winn

An entertaining fantasy story for younger readers, featuring goblins, draons and many other creatures - Jiri Mazurek