Wright has created a fantastical setting with intriguing reinventions of classic tales, transforming their characters into modern, spunky heroes. Each shows brand-new complexity; for example, Snow White’s heart of gold is juxtaposed with her vampiric needs. The story is full of memorable side players as well, including the Grim, a talking cat who helps Snow White on her journey. The work is further aided by Wright’s excellent use of humor, as well as action scenes that pack a punch: “The huge gamekeeper swung his axe once again, catching another bandit across the body. The man let out a bloodcurdling scream as another bandit rushed up behind Garth and sunk his rusty sword into the gamekeeper’s back.”

An exciting fantasy tale with entertaining reinventions of classic characters. - Kirkus Reviews


I loved how Robert Wright Jr. took three well-known fairy tales and seamlessly blended them into a single engaging story. Each protagonist had a well-developed personality that complemented the others. Including paranormal elements and LGBTQ+ themes gave the stories unprecedented twists while keeping their essence intact. … The characters were charmingly sassy with their lively banter and subtle humor to keep readers hooked. … A saga of friendship, love, and betrayal, Red Snow has something in store for every fantasy lover.

Shrabastee Chakraborty, Readers' Favorite Reviews
Red Snow is a refreshing interpretation of beloved classic fairy tales. … a fast-paced and engaging read. This action-packed story keeps us entertained from the intriguing beginning until the spectacular end. … A coming-of-age story with convincing character development, Red Snow encourages young adult readers to stand their ground while fighting for their true identity. I recommend this wonderful book to fans of fantasy, fairy tales, adventures, and novels with leading female characters.

Nino Lobiladze, Readers' Favorite Reviews

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